Hi! My name's Sara. Let me introduce "Sara's Maths Tutoring"


I am a fully qualified Maths teacher with a BSc(open) in Maths & Languages, although I specialise in Maths, & I have a Teaching qualification from Gloucester University.


Whilst studying for my degree I worked in a couple of primary schools as a Teaching Assistant & then transferred to Secondary school as a Teaching Assistant specialising in special needs. Once qualified I also became a Pastoral leader in one of our local secondary schools. I have worked in the educational system for the past 18 years and have been offering private tuition for the last 12 years. I have also built up my portfolio to include experience of teaching/supporting Post 16 and Adult learners to GCSE level.


I believe that if you enjoy your lessons then you will remember them, so, to this end, I try to make my lessons as interesting as possible and incorporate a lot of laughter. I tailor each session to the individuals needs & believe that a reactive, proactive approach approach is best for most. Although I plan each session I am happy to drop that plan if & when needed to offer support & guidance in a different area. I also ensure that parents are kept up to speed with what has been achieved each lesson.


I look forward to seeing each & every one of my students, finding out how their week has gone and learning about what makes them tick. We work in a quiet, yet stimulating environment, surrounded by up-to-date resources which match the current specifications. I work with materials from all exam boards. There are regular visits during our lessons from my 2 cats who like to keep an eye on things. If we're very lucky we get light refreshments brought in by my 2 daughters or my husband, all to try and help make the learning environment a more enjoyable one.


Prior to working in education I was a trainer for a major commercial organisation. In my role I was responsible for the training of all staff regardless of their position within the company. I ran & led both in-store training sessions and conferences at Regional training centres. My love for supporting the learning of others has now moved into helping those who need a hand with their maths. This is a subject that so many people find tricky & I pride myself in hunting for different methods to enable all my students to be able to follow the curriculum successfully.

I have decided to concentrate solely on my private students however, I do have contacts in every school in Weston so I can keep an eye on what is going on in school & communicate with the teaching staff to ensure that my lessons complement what’s happening in class. I keep myself up to date with changes in the curriculum by following numerous sites full of background information.

I have also offered my services as a freelance maths teacher to local schools. To this end I have been helping Churchill Academy out whilst they've been short staffed due to maternity leave and Duke of Edinburgh trips. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of these establishments and developing my teaching style based on the best practice of others.



Bertie is my trusted Teaching Assistant

This is Saffi. She pops her head in from time to time, usually if she's wet or being chased by Milo!

This is Milo. He's often to be found sitting outside my study window demanding food.