Charges are as follows:

£30 per hour lesson.


Fees can be paid either in cash, or by bank transfer on the day. Block payments can be accepted. 

Please do not ask to pay in block after lessons as this can cause embarrassment when I have to come asking for payment.

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What is the cost?

Tuition is 1-1 and is held in my home where I have a dedicated area for our use.

This enables me to make full use of all my materials & to change plans if needed as I have the resources alongside me.

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Where is the tuition held?

Each session lasts for an hour as even primary students are used to a hours worth of numeracy on a daily basis.

This has been extended to 2 hours if needed approaching mocks or GCSEs to those students who'd like the extra time.

There will aso be the opportunity to have extra sessions during some of the school holidays for exam prep. 

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How long are the sessions?
What is the non-attendance/cancellation policy?

I require 24 hours notice of any cancellation. Short of this will incur a 50% charge of the cost of the lesson, to be paid within 7 days. After 7 days 100% of the cost will be charged. A “no-show” automatically incurs 100% charge.

I also expect a minimum of 2 weeks notice (on both sides) for cancellation of tutoring agreement.

I realise that sometimes life gets in the way. Please always contact me to avoid extra charges.

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This is not a practice that I would recommend.

Occasionally I have been asked this & I have trialled it, however, I tend to find that 1 student comes out stronger than the term with doesn’t help to boost the confidence in both parties.


Can more than 1 student be tutored at the same time?

Email, phone, text, facebook message me for a chat about your needs and to see if my availability suits your schedule.

Lessons are booked for the same day/time each week unless something crops up that disrupts this.

Im usually able to swap students around if needs be.

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How do I book tuition?