Key Elements

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Applications & Implications of Mathematics
Critical Understanding

Fluency in the full range of mathematical techniques and processes will be tested. The ability to apply skills and knowledge accurately & communicate clearly will also be assessed.

Questions will be set which combine different areas of mathematics and which expect knowledge from one area of the subject to be applied in a different area. Candidates will be expected to tackle unfamiliar problems and offer convincing mathematical arguments to justify results.

An appreciation of the importance of mathematics as a tool for making desicions & solving problems in realistic settings is an essential part of any course. It is important that mathematics is seen as a way to understand & appreciate the world through, for example, an understanding of how symmetry pervades the natural & constructed environment or the ways in which mathematical models have shaped society, in recent years & through history.

Through this course, learners should begin to appreciate that mathematics can be used to represent & interpret situations and they should begin to realise the possible limitations of any mathematical model. For example, they should be able to comment on a statistical or geometric model of a situation, explaining why the solutions it offers may not be accurate.

Source: GCSE Mathematics (Linear) B 2014 specification (version 1.0)