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Please contact me, either by email, text message on my Facebook page “Sara’s Maths Tutoring”  if you’d like to go on my waiting list

Virtual lessons only for the foreseeable future


Dates For Your Diary

100% of students have achieved their predicted grade or higher.
78% of students have achieved either their target grade or higher

Those students of mine who’ve shown that they really want to improve their grade & are prepared to put in the effort too are the ones who’ve achieved great results and have AT LEAST achieved their predicted grades.


Some feel that a little extra help will put them back on the right path & have left tuition before the exams in order to work independently & have also been successful.

It simply depends on how much you want that grade!

Customized ​Learning 

I tailor my lessons to each individual. I listen to their wants & needs and also to the parents. I plan each lesson with a quick consultation at the end of the previous session to ensure that the student is happy with what we're going to cover next week.


I do offer a reactive approach, so if I get a student come in saying they need help with a specific topic I'll drop my plan. This is easier with notice though as I can get resources set up ready rather than eating into your time.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

I offer maths tuition to all ages and abilities ranging from SATs, GCSEs, Functional Skills, Entry level and Professional skills for PGCE students. 

The age range of my current students is 8 years old to 40+ years old so you are never too old (or too young) to start maths tuition! 

Homework, if required

Homework is set if & when required. It might simply be that the student needs to go away & work through our examples again or it may be more substantial. It depends on the needs of the individual & their current workload.


I do recommend that GCSE students devise a revision timetable as soon as possible into their final year so that they can spread their learning out rather than cramming in the last few weeks or days.

Although, for some, the GCSEs seems ages away, its always best to be prepared in plenty of time.
I would recommend getting a revision guide for the new 9 - 1 GCSE. There are quite a few changes in the curriculum with harder topics in the foundation package. Quite a few schools are reconsidering their stance regarding what tier the students should sit as the higher tier is being deemed as considerably harder than the curriculum that has been examined previously. 
There are some fantastic websites available without subscrition that can guide you through your learning & revision process.

“Sara is one of the most patient, supportive teachers I have seen in action."

— Sue, Head of Faculty, WSM

"My daughters confidence in maths has increased a lot since she has been tutored by Sara during her GCSE resit."

— Judith, WSM (parent)

"Sara is very friendly & funny & good to be around. and one of the most supportive teachers I know."

- Ella, West Wick, (student)

"We can't recommend Sara highly enough. She is a great teacher with a perfect approach."

"Sara has been tutoring my son for a term now and the change in him is extraordinary."

-Ruth, Bridgwater, (colleague & parent)

“Our son has improved such a lot through your tuition in a way that was not happening for him through traditional maths teaching. From the very beginning he acknowledged the effect that your tutoring was having and within the first couple of lessons he said to us ’she can teach and I am learning stuff each time.’ Thank-you again!”

-Ruth & Peter, Congresbury, (parents)

- Mike & Fi, WSM (parents)