"Sara is one of the most patient, supportive teachers I have seen in action. I have seen her explain the same topic several different ways until she finds the one that works for the individual. She is professional, efficient & organised. Her planning is excellent. She provides her students with a stimuating and challenging programme that is always tailored to their needs.

Sara will always try to make things fun, even for the more difficult topics as she and I both believe that this makes for better learning. This positive approach to learning demonstrates her absolute love for teaching. It helps her students to relax & focus on the task in hand. There will always be a lot of laughter, but at the same time there will be a lot of work happening!

Sara gets results - good results."


— Sue, Head of Faculty, WSM, (colleague)


“We feel we have been very fortunate to have found Sara quite by chance as a maths tutor for our 15 year old daughter.

Our daughter is in her GCSE year and has never really struggled with maths. She announced, rather to our surprise, one day that she had been "bumping along " at a C grade for a year and felt rather stuck. She asked if we could try & find her a tutor to help her improve her grade & tackle some of the areas she was finding tricky. She wanted to feel more secure in a number of mathematical areas.

Our daughter, Imogen, has been tutored by Sara for 2 terms & we can honestly say she loves the experience. She finds Sara incredibly easy to understand and to talk to, patient, encouraging, challenging, fun & kind. Sara seems to know exactly how to compliment & extend the work Imogen is doing at school.

Imogen really looks forward t her sessions & feels her confidence & understanding is improving a great deal. Indeed she came home recently after a mock GCSE exam stating excitedly that a question she had worked on with Sara had come up & she knew exactly how to tackle it!

We can't recommend Sara highly enough. She is a great teacher with a perfect approach to young people & we are extremely grateful to her for reigniting our daughter's interest in maths.”

— Ruth & Peter, Congresbury, (parents)


“Sara has been tutoring my son for a term now & the change in him is extraordinary.

His confidence in maths has grown & he is now understanding the subject & enjoying learning.

This is all down to Sara's teaching skills & her calm & relaxed way of delivering what most of us find to be a very tricky subject. She is simply one of the best teachers I have ever worked with.”

— Ruth, Lecturer in Public Services, Bridgwater,(parent & colleague)


“My daughters confidence in maths has increased a lot since she has been tutored by Sara during her GCSE resit.

Sara's friendly & fun, yet methodical, approach, tailored to what Katy needs, is delivered in a way that she understands,has been just right. She actually enjoys going to lessons - something I thought I would never hear her say!

If my son needs extra help for GCSE, I wont hesitate to contact Sara again.”

— Judith, WSM, (parent)



"My 15 year old son has been going to Sara for over 6 months now. His sessions are of excellent value & he is improving every week. Sara makes her lessons fun & exciting for him & he enjoys going. Sara will set homework and plans were my child is in his learning which helps him improve. His grade has risen & he is now finding maths easier. We highly recommend Sara as she is a great tutor & has highly benefited my son's learning."


 - Justine, Mark (parent)



"Sara tutored me leading up to my year 11 GCSE exams. At the beginning of the sessions I did not feel confident with the syllabus and applying what I was learning in lessons to the questions in exam papers. After each session with Sara I began to understand how to apply the maths to the questions & became more confident.

Sara was very good at explaining & teaching me the parts I did not understand and this helped me to complete the homework set after each session.

With Sara's help I managed to get an A in my maths GCSE & i am very grateful for the work she put into helping me."


  - Megan, Clevedon (student)

"As parents, we have really appreciated the organised & professional approach that Sara offers. Her first-hand knowledge of the GCSE curriculum and Exam system is invaluable. We have noticed a hige improvement in our son's confidence in his ability with maths. We can't thank you enough Sara."


 - Jill & Peter, Uphill (parents)

"Sara has helped me so much with my maths, as before I wasn't so confident with my maths & now I feel I have improed a lot more. My maths teacher has noticed a difference in me already! Sara is very friendly & funny & good to be around and one of the most supportive teachers I know. She makes things easy to understand & will give you all the help you need."


 - Ella, West Wick (student)

"My 14 year old daughter was struggling with her maths since the start of school and we didn realise how bad it was until she started her GCSEs when school diagnosed her with maths discalcula & ADD. Her inability to concentrate at school in a classroom environment had got her nowhere so I knew she had to had some maths tutoring before it was too late.

I was recommended Sara & she has been amazing for my daughter. She has learnt more in the first few weeks with Sara than in the last 4 years at school. She explains it in a way my daughter can listen to & understand and she finds Sara fun, which is always a must, otherwise she just switches off.

My only regret is that I hadn't found Sara earlier."


 - Jo, West Wick (parent)

I can heartily recommend Sara Allen as a maths tutor for pupils at KS3 & KS4.

Her subject knowledge is thorough.

Sara is patient & builds a relationship of trust with students, allowing them to gain in confidence and improve their understanding of the subject and its implications.


 - Laura John, DH of Maths, Worle